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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pray For The Fish?

I love the music of Randy Travis and this song is fun...and humbling too. I thought you might also enjoy it. FIRST, before listening to this music video, turn OFF my playlist (above). No one has gone too far down the wrong road to be DQ'd. The Lord didn't come to save the 'good' fish...he came for us Carp and 'junkfish' like Eddy! The best part of fishin' (for me) is the field trip outing. I like to eat fish fish as long as I have a boat full of lemons. Here are a few vintage images from my stash ... just for the fun of it. If you like, save the badge at the bottom of this post to share on your blog.

1 comment:

Katmom said...

Love the last one,
"Jesus' fish story"
I never thought of my self as a carp, a guppy maybe, but not a!
Hopefully someday I will be a beautiful rainbow trout.
Blessing to you & your family this Reserection Sunday.