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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daydream Believer

Are you a dreamkeeper? By dreams, I mean those magical places, and hoped for goals that can include something to work with or work toward.

Our dream can be touched in the here and now as we work our way toward the whole of it. I know dreams come true because I have a list to be grateful for and if I take a look at them, I have the needed fuel of hope to 'keep on keeping on' as I reach for other dreams. Day to day business has to be done, but it is fun to keep our dreams on the horizon as part of what we have to look forward to. At the end of each day we're closer to our dreams no matter how miniscule the measure of it may be.

I have a dream kitchen which is part of the dreamhouse. I may or may not live long enough to see the fruition, but in the meantime I dream. To encourage me in my equine experience, I see my filly "Ribbon" under my new saddle that is currently being built. I try not to get overwhelmed with the work that lies ahead that will take her from kindergarten to a work of art. I've made several before her and that is what can make the goal harder to see the end of. I know how much work will be required...measured in years.

There is just no easy way to make a dream come true. If they were easy, they wouldn't be something we yearn for, save for, work for. They'd be easy and easy to take for granted. So, we dream away and long for that day when we walk into our dream and the dream becomes something we can touch...the antique iron bed we can sit on and cast our eyes on the vintage bedding, the quilt, the lace edged pillows. A vintage lamp is there too, restored and sitting on an old dresser that was rescued from the dump. It will serve as a nightstand that holds those things dear to me.

The windows in my house will be paned and the light will enter my cabin in such a way that it is always soft and especially so in the autumn. Bittersweet vines will hang from the dining room window at that time, and juniper boughs heavy with gray berries at Christmastime. My horses will be on the meadow grazing and I will be thankful.

Until then, our lives are an ongoing project list of 'To-Do' things that take us forward and that is how we can enjoy the dream as it is being built. We get some of what we love, our soulfood, every day. If time stood still, we would have no reason to dream or work. So lets get on with the work of dreaming and leaning into the future. Make ready your life as you'd most like it to


Katmom said...

oh Shery,
I LUV your Dream Kitchen....perfect for a nice cup of tea & fresh baked Huckleberry scones.....

Victoria Strauser said...

This post goes great with #1 on your Playlist - "Dream"!

I have the very same picture, that kitchen, saved in my Dream Book as well.

Keep on keepin' on!