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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When the works all done this fall...

'Fallwork' is one word in the ranching vocabulary. October and November are the months when we have a lot of work to get done before winter sets in...vaccinations, worming, moving cattle to different pastures, shipping the calf crop etc.

This past week we finished most of our fallwork when we shipped our calves to the buyer. We have a few more friends and neighbors to help with their fallwork to-do list. I'm sure glad our fallwork is done and we had perfect 'Indian Summer' weather all the way through.

A girlfriend of mine has such an eye for decorating and she took a massive old corral gait and placed it behind their sofa. Hard to imagine...but it looks fabulous on the dark red wall. I've got my eye on this one. When our friends do away with it, I'm gonna see if they'll let me bring it home. Where to put it? Don't know yet, but that never stops a die-hard junktiquer!!


Hosanna said...

I might use it as a headboard for a bed....? It is a lovely gate!

Stacey said...

I bet you get a lot of satisfaction from completing your fallwork. There's nothing like a job well done.

I can't wait to see what you do with the gate. Great idea!

gtyyup said...

Nice to hear you seem ready for the winter months ahead. I'd love to see a pic of this "home interior decor."

Katmom said...

Hey Shery,
I finally took a moment to visit your blog....WY looks wonderful, and I must admit, I long for the peaceful lifestyle that you share with us.
I am still learning to adjust to life over here on the West plains of Spokane a transplanted So. Calif. gal, everyday is a journey.....and a Blessing.
Apron wearing farmgirl hugz,