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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Is A'Coming!

As a child, the return of the Christmas Spirit was an 'inner event' a spark come alive. It happened as if by magic. Oh how wonderful it was, a feeling like you were sparkling from the inside out. I eagerly looked forward to all the sights, sounds and scents of Christmas. Year after year, my parents and grandparents built a rich store of memories to draw upon.

In adulthood, the return of the holiday spirit each year was not quite as bright and I felt a sense of loss. My wonderful childhood memories were intact, but the sparkle had somehow dimmed - part of growing up I suppose and perhaps not unique to me. With the passing of years, I had to "find" my holiday mood and stoke the coals...rather than feeling as if it was sprinkled over me like magical snowflakes and fairy dust. The magic had loosened it's grip and the faintness of it saddened me.

I resigned myself to being a 'grown-up' and somewhere along the way, I also settled for an artificial Christmas tree as part of the resignation. Never fear, I've always enjoyed and kept Christmas safe in my heart. But, I admit to secretly sighing over and longing for the childlike wonder I remember so fondly. Perhaps the plateau I experienced was part of my journey as I followed the Christmas star.

Recently, the longing for that old Christmas feeling became acute. It seemed to coincide with getting older on the outside; I felt a new resolve to grow young again on the inside. I was determined to believe in the magic again, willfully recreating the kind of rush that I felt as a child. Jesus is the reason for the season and the giver of all hope...and my new-found  holiday energy was like holly adorned hope. It is an exciting, fresh scent of Christmas all over again. Jesus is not the author of flat feelings. I believe my Lord returned to me a child's way of looking at Christmas...just as he brought me to salvation by way of childlike faith. Are they not really one and the same?

So, with 'tidings of great joy', I wish for you all the wondrous feelings and sensations of the Christmas season...and that they lead you to the manger of the King of Kings. If a real tree is to you what it is to me...may you enjoy the fragrance of fresh evergreens, along with clove studded pomanders and spiced wassail. My tree is a small, native Juniper, complete with clusters of gray-blue berries. Make merry and breathe deeply all the magic of this most blessed of holidays. In the days leading up to Christmas, I'll share more of my antique postcards. Enjoy!


Sharon said...

Dear Shery,

Amen! What a Beautiful post! My prayer is also that everyone would come to know Him, Jesus the Lover of our Souls and the Hope of the world. Thank you for an inspiring and heartfelt post. I LOVE your postcards! I too collect them here and there.

Have a blessed day in Jesus!


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Shery, what a beautiful post and oh-so-true ~ the magic of Christmas was a wonderful thing for me as a child as well. Thank you so much for the beautiful images and Christmas wish as well!! I love your gorgeous horse Ribbon!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

I just have to tell you that I have that same longing and reading your words just lifted my spirit! Such wonderful words. Along with your music. I think our childhood memories are more dear because it seemed to be a peaceful time when we did not have the stress and worries that we face as adults. Just loved visiting you today! blessings,Kahtleen