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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Greetings from The Cowboy State

Wyoming claims two labels ... 'The Cowboy State' being the better known of the two. The other label may come as a surprise ...we are also 'The Equality State' since Wyoming was the first state to grant women the vote. My family homesteaded here, having come west from Vermont soon after the Civil War. They ranched and raised horses for the U.S. Remount. I'm 4 generations deep in Wyoming soil. Wyoming is a place of extreme beauty, contrasting geography and extreme weather and not a place most people want to live. Cattle still outnumber humans here and that suits me to a T.


Julie W said...

Shery, Thank you for sharing your heart and life with us! Your hospitality and love for your homeland come thru so well---it's like sharing over coffee and a hot cinnamon roll. I look forward to my visits.
Julie W. (from Nebraska's Sandhill country--where the wind that washes over your cattle country goes to next.)

sue said...

Hello Shery, you have a great blog!!! I have so enjoyed reading it, and will add you to "my list"... some day I hope to see the "wild west" (haven't gone any further west that Vermont :-) ).. so for now, I can see it thru your blog... nice to have "met" you....

Jeanne K-G said...

Shery, finally took the time to add a comment - I've been reading your blog and just love. As with all your writings and your art, these just shine through. Makes me feel a part of your life and your home.

Jeanne K

gtyyup said...

Hey Shery...thanks for stoppin' by my blog and yours is great too!! And yes, I don't want to trade my place in life for anything.

I showed My Man your blog and he can't wait to read it. You've got some beautiful country there.

Very nice to meet you and Happy Trails~~

Teresa Sue said...

Hi Sherry, love your blog. As someone who lived in Wyo for 18 years and who has many relatives that still live there(alive and dead)I really enjoy your pics. I greww up on the high deserts of Nevada and Wyoming and even though I live in the beautiful Pacific NW, the high desert will always look like home.